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The Punjab Talks News (TPTN) commonly known as PUNJAB TALKS, is a North American Punjabi Television Channel based in Winnipeg (Canada). It is the most watched IPTV in Canada and America. The Channel broadcasts 24/7 primarily from studios and also covers local coverage. Channel has six studios all over the world three in Canada and three in India. We broadcast in four major countries of the world {America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand}. The Punjab Talks have their applications (IOS & ANDROID) name under “The Punjab Talks” and they are available worldwide free of cost. You can watch television on applications as well.

The Punjab Talks also have its own Advertising Agency {THE PUNJAB TALKS ADVERTISING AGENCY} and its own Production house {THE PUNJAB TALKS PRODUCTION HOUSE}. They are working parallel to The Punjab Talks TV.

The channel was founded by Mr. Harmanpreet Singh in December 2021 and launched on September 10, 2022.  Mr. Harmanpreet Singh a legal owner of Punjab Talks with 100% of shares.

Hailing from Haryana, India, Harmanpreet Singh has been building his company since 2021.

Harmanpreet Singh is the Founder and CEO of The Punjab Talks TV and its other two branches (Advertising Agency and Production house).

Harmanpreet Singh came to Canada as a student in 2021 at the University of Manitoba. Earlier he was a student of Political Science at Punjabi University Patiala. In his struggling days, he works as a Security Guard in his part-time and factory labor as well. He is still building his empire.

He always says one line to his team to boost them “Trust God, he will never disappoint your belief”.

According to the ground survey by the team of The Punjab Talks, 70% of people trust The Punjab Talks Television.

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