4.7kg intoxicant powder, Over 3,700 Tramadol tablets seized from the house of dismissed Punjab cop Parminder Bajwa

Early morning of this Monday Punjab Police recovered 3,710 intoxicant tablets (Tramadol SR 100 mg) and 4.7kg intoxicant powder from the house of dismissed Inspector Parminder Singh Bajwa, said Inspector General of Police (IGP) Headquarters Sukhchain Singh Gill.

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The development came a week after Punjab Police had dismissed Inspector Bajwa and his two cop aides, a trio posted at Narcotic Control Cell in Ferozepur, after they falsely implicated two persons in a drug case and also extorted a huge amount of money from them to bring their name out of the list.
The other cops who were dismissed from service have been identified as ASI Angrej Singh, and Head Constable Joginder Singh.
Divulging details, IGP Sukhchain Gill said continuing the investigation in the case, the police teams from Ferozepur had conducted a search at the rented private house of dismissed Parminder Bajwa and recovered a huge quantity of intoxicants. The search was conducted following the due procedure in the presence of the duty magistrate, he added.

He said regarding this recovery, a fresh FIR no. 99 has been registered against dismissed Inspector Bajwa under relevant sections of the NDPS Act at Police Station Kulgarhi in Ferozepur. Further investigation is going on, he added.


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